Dual Square Wave Geneartor Model 144 REV2.0


separated switch

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Model 144 REV2.0

The change is that the switches are separate.

Discrete Dual Square Oscillator Inspired by Buchla 144

ゲインは少し小さいです。 Vpp 3.8v-4.3v


Panel Color : Matte Black
Not 1V,1.2v/Oct.

I use an analog sequencer.

Eurorack Format

54 mA +12V
0 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
Width: 14HP
Depth: 38mm

Pitch CV in 0v to +12v

If you want to use it with other euros, you will need a Precision Adder on the pitch.

956 and 156 are convenient when using with other euros.

If the switch is set to EXT, the frequency knob will not work.

It is not exactly symmetrical.

Attention to the power capacity of the case.

Change the tuning to your preference.

About 5Hz to 13KHz.





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